Mouse (ninjaofdeath) wrote,

well i have decided to update my journal for all you people who are BEGGING me to update once more ...

well i have not yet recieved any comments to say update again ... but i assume something is wrong with live journal and thus am taking updating into my own hands.

Well HAPPY NEW YEARS. (belated mind you)

yea ... i dunno what to update about. Livejournal is getting a bit boring ... well my livejournal is ... quite empty and plain.

I FEEL THE NEED TO RENOVATE ... too bad my internet will be gone in a month or less ... which reminds me ... to remind you ... that i will not have the internet for awhile =[

im sorry my loyal live journal readers ... so that means talk to me on AIM AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE so you get sick of me and we dont have to talk for a long time ^^

and since this is a special rare occasion ...

my sn is ... getrlchordie (thats an L in rLch)
my celly so you can call me after 9pm ... 925.984.5307
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